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We are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2014, but we have begun accepting for Fall 2015.
The priority deadline for Phase 1 is January 1, 2015 and for Phase 2 is January 15, 2015. 
To be considered, you must ultimately finish Phase 1 by May 15, 2015 and Phase 2 by May 30, 2015. 

The application process is one of mutual discernment; while you continue to discern your call to mission and learn more about Franciscan Mission Service and our unique brand of mission in the Franciscan tradition, our staff will continue to discern whether our program fits your God-given gifts and talents and where best to utilize those gifts and talents in the placements we staff.

The goal is not simply to get accepted, but to more fully understand FMS' mission and model of service, and to challenge you to spend time thinking about your individual motivations and dreams for mission. Information on discernment and some helpful questions can be found here.

The application process consists of 4 phases which are as follows:

Phase 1: Electronic Application. Interested candidates should first fill out the Electronic Application. After this application has been received and processed, FMS will then contact qualified individuals within 1-2 weeks with instructions on how to proceed to Phase 2. Deadline is May 15, 2015. 

Phase 2: Autobiographical Essay and References. Deadline is May30, 2015. Phase 2 consists of a packet which includes the following items:

1. Instructions on how to fill out the Autobiographical Essay

2. Five References: 3 professional, 1 pastoral, and 1 peer/colleague

Phase 3: Discernment Weekend. After completing phase 2, eligible candidates will be invited to a discernment weekend at our offices and training center in Washington, DC. Discernment weekends include interviews with FMS staff, visits with returned lay missioners, and discussions that provide more information about the program and possible mission placement sites. The interviews are designed to help FMS staff get to know you better and to further explore your interests and motivations for mission. Prior to the discernment weekend, we invite you to spend time in prayer and discernment on your own. Helpful discernment resources can be found here.

1. Discernment weekend at our training center in Washington, DC. Click here to view a sample schedule of a discernment weekend.

Phase 4: Physical and Criminal Record Check. After participating in a discernment weekend, candidates who have been accepted to the program will need to complete the following two forms:

1. Physical assessment form completed by your physician

2. A criminal record check

Phase 5: Thirteen-Week Formation Program:  The final phase of discernment for both the potential missioner and FMS is the 13-week formation program. During this in depth program,the individual and organization may find that international mission is not a good fit for the potential missioner. This is a rare occurrence, but we ask candidates to be discerning throughout all stages of the process, as the staff of FMS does the same.

At any time during this process, we are happy to connect you with Returned Missioners or missioners in the field. Simply email us at info@franciscanmissionservice.org.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Franciscan Mission Service
P.O. Box 29034
Washington, DC 20017-0034

T: 202-832-1762 | F: 202-832-1778