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Commemorative Prints

We are proud to offer prints by Returned Missioner Lee Lechtenberg. His work embraces the beauty of the Bolivian people and the spirit of presence at FMS. The prints are numbered and signed by the artist. Printed on high quality material.

10 1/2" x 11 3/4" ($50)

Tomas Mamani
Ana Lucy
La mama de Rosalie and Rosemary
16" x 24" ($60)
 *sizes include a 2" matte border

 Tomas Mamani
Ana Lucy Chaquena

La mama de Rosalie and

You can order a print the following ways:

1. Send a check with a note that requests the picture you would like and the address where you would like them sent.

2. Click here to pay with a credit card on our online system. Please indicate that the "donation" is for purchase of the picture. The picture will be sent to the billing address unless you email us at info@franciscanmissionservice.org to indicate otherwise.
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