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25th Commissioning Mass
We celebrated the commissioning of a new class of seven FMS missioners on Nov. 8, 2009 at St. Camillus Catholic Church. Thank you to everyone who helped make this day so special for the missioners, through both your attendance and prayers.

Read about the commissioning in an article from HNP Today.
 Fr. Joe Nangle, OFM blessing the missioners
Kim Smolik and Beth Riehle presenting missioners Clare Lassiter and Nora Pfeiffer with their Franciscan Tau crosses


FMS Mission Class XXV

L-R: Joel Vaughn, Nora Pfeiffer, Lynn Myrick, Clare Lassiter, Catherine Giller, Cecilia and Tim Marcy

The congregation of St. Camillus Catholic Church extends their hands in blessing over the missioners

 Cecilia and Tim Marcy commissioned for mission in South Africa

Joel Vaughn and Clare Lassiter joyfully celebrating their commissioning
 Nora Pfeiffer and Mari Rasmussen preparing the reception food
Bro. Paul O'Keeffe and SMA missioners
(Rachel and Jackie)

Joel Vaughn and Lynn Myrick commissioned for mission in Bolivia
 FMS missioners, staff, and friends
 Tim Marcy enjoying fellowship with members of his family
 Guests at the reception

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