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eTraining Materials

During our formation program, our missioners participate in sessions on a variety of topics such as Franciscan spirituality, cross-cultural communication, simplicity, non-violence, self-awareness and care, environmentalism and Catholic Social Teaching. Sessions are lead by Franciscan Mission Staff as well as guests including priests, friars, sisters, returned lay missioners, and experts in their fields. 

We are excited to provide you with a virtual taste of this training by sharing PDFs and podcasts of presentations. 


These audio recordings give you an ear into what our formation sessions. We hope to upload two podcasts a month.

Reflections questions on "History of Church and Franciscanism" with Br. Patrick Monahan, OFM Cap.

1) Is the life of St. Francis what you expected to hear of a saint?

2) Francis was first transforming while sitting in a prison cell. Has there been a moment, a dark place, in your life where you have felt yourself being transformed?

3) It was at the foot of the San Damiano cross, in a broken church, that Francis first heard the call to serve. Where are you being called to serve?

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