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Franciscan World Care Newsletters 
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June 2012
Spring 2012
Fall 2011
Spring 2011
Fall 2010
Spring 2010
Fall 2009
Spring 2009

Winter 2008
Winter 2007

Fall 2007

Franciscan World Care June 2012

Franciscan World Care Spring 2012

Franciscan World Care Fall 2011
  • "Offering opportunities for Refuge and Learning"- Bryce and Sandra Bradford, FMS missioners
  • "FMS Donors Share What Inspires Them"
  • Executive Director takes 10-day Franciscan study pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome
  • Secular Franciscan Order and FMS: Mutual Support for our journey as Lay Franciscan
  • A Warm Welcome to our New Missioner Candidates
  • "From Death to Life" St. Francis' Transitus, October 3-4, 2011
  • Mission Matters: "Updates from the Field"- current missioners' ministries in Bolivia and South Africa
  • The World Care newsletter is moving online!

Franciscan World Care Spring 2011
  • "A Garden of Friendship"- Nora Pfeiffer, FMS missioner
  • "New Faces on the FMS Board of Directors"
  • St. Camillus Franciscan Parish - FMS Thanks You!
  • "Unbunto - Working Together in South Africa"- story of Tim and Cecilia Marcy "caring, sharing, and loving" those around them while on mission
  • "Visiting Our Lay Missioners in Bolivia"- Fr. Joe Nangle, OFM
  • "A Warm Welcome to Zambia"- FMS' newest missioners, Bryce and Sandra Bradford, begin their journey in Zambia
  • "U.S. Catholic Mission Congress Signifies Renewal in Lay Mission"- highlights from the 2010 Mission Congress in Albuquerque, NM
  • "Domestic Volunteers Serve FMS and the Local D.C. Community"- besides volunteering at FMS, Susie Zagar and Rachel Roa also serve in the wider D.C. community
  • "FMS Celebrates 20 Years of International Lay Mission"- review of FMS' 20th Anniversary Celebration held October 23, 2010
  • "FMS Launches Two-Year Overseas Mission Program"- FMS moves from a 3-year to a 2-year international mission program
Franciscan World Care Fall 2010
  • "FMS Returned Missioner Becomes Franciscan Friar"- Bro. Paul O'Keeffe, OFM
  • FMS Hosts the Executive Council of the SFOs
  • Renewing One Another in Lifelong Mission: "Returned Missioners Gather in Colorado" - overview of retreat by Katie Mulembe
  • "Inside FMS' Full-Time Domestic Volunteer Program"- former domestic volunteer, Peter Mueller, reflects on his experience at FMS
  • "Lay & Religious Walking Side by Side"- Kim Smolik strengthens partnerships in Zambia and Jamaica
  • Mission Matters: "Updates from the Field"- current missioners' ministries in Bolivia and South Africa
  • "We Pray to Be Peace in the World"- Aug. 2010 peace pole planting at Casa San Salvador
Franciscan World Care Spring 2010 
  • "Rekindling the Mission: A Return to Zambia"- Katie Mulembe
  • Interesting Facts about Zambia
  • "Tree of Life"- Kim Smolik, FMS Executive Director
  • Twenty Years of World Care and Counting- Fr. Joe Nangle, OFM
  • Mission Matters: "Five New Missioners in Bolivia"- bios of the Class XXV missioners
  • Re-entry Program: "Uncovering the Highs, the Lows, and the Lessons of Mission"- overview of the Jan. 2010 re-entry program
  • Bernadette Zaker: "20 Years of Giving is a Mutual Blessing"- reflections from a woman that previously worked for FMS and continues to faithfully support the organization
  • Celebrating 20 Years of Promoting Peace- Peace Pole announcement

Franciscan World Care Fall 2009 

  • "The Opportunity to Say Yes"- Kim Smolik, FMS Executive Director
  • "What is Mission?"- overview of the Franciscan charism (insights from Sr. Illia Delio, OSF)
  • Mission Matters: "Married Couple Share Their Stories of Mission in Bolivia"- Richard Nalen
  • "Bailar en Bolivia"- Kristen Zielinski-Nalen reflects on her mission experience in Bolivia
  • 25th Missioner Commissioning
  • FMS World Care Benefit & Celebration
  • Perspectives from a Returned Missioner: "Things That Don't Make Sense"- Dan McNeil (highlights from his talk at the FMS World Care Benefit & Celebration)
Franciscan World Care Spring 2009 
  • Lenten Reflection by Patrick O'Neill, President- FMS Board of Directors
  • Greetings from Kim Smolik, FMS Executive Director
  • "Transfiguration" in Action- Bolivian Based Missioners on Retreat
  • Our Journey of Transfiguration to Become a "Faithful Servant Who Uses His Talents Wisely"
  • On the Road Again- spotlight on Jean & Lee Lechtenberg in Bolivia
  • Returned Missioners: Group 22

Franciscan World Care Winter 2008 
  • "Rediscovering the Incarnation- Continuing Along in Transition"
    • Prayer for Advent- Jane Deren
  • "Continuing Along in this Transition Year"- Doug Garofalo, Development Director
  • 18 Years of Laity in Mission in the Spirit of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi
  • Mission Appeal Highlights
  • Group 22 Returns & Prepares for Re-entry in January 2009
  • A Christmas Story
  • 4th Annual Mission & Globalization Lecture- Featuring Sr. Dianna Ortiz, OSU

Franciscan World Care Winter 2007

  • "Rediscovering the Incarnation"
  • 3rd Annual Anselm Moons, OFM Awards Night- Oct. 2007
    • Award Recipient: Ms. Marie Dennis, SFO
  • Group XXIV Commissioning
  • "The Littlest Coffin"- FMS missioner Kristen Zielinski-Nalen reflects on her work at the Amanecer Orphanage in Bolivia
  • "Being Present to Life and Death in Zambia"- FMS returned missioner Katie Eberhard-Mulembe presents a talk at the US Catholic Mission Association Annual Conference
Franciscan World Care Fall 2007 
  • "Reasons for Hope"
  • "Being a Bridge"- FMS missioner Beth Riehle reflects on her mission work in Calle Real, El Salvador
  • "Healing and Support in Thailand"- FMS missioner Lynda Crone describes her work in Pattaya, Thailand
  • "Welcoming the Immigrant"- FMS returned missioner Judith Caraballo Arzuaga and her current work with the Hispanic population in Wooster, Ohio
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