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In the Washington, DC area:

Franciscan Federation

FMS is a member of Franciscan Federation.

Franciscan Federation is a Catholic educational organization committed to its membership in the Franciscan Third Order Regular charism, as well as the implication for this charism as it is lived out in the world. They offer educational opportunities to their members.

Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America

The Franciscan Monastery is our Brookland neighbor, only a few houses downthe street on Qunicy St NE. At the Monastery our missioners enjoy the opportunity to attend mass and stroll through the expansive garden. Each year we hold our annual event at the Franciscan Hall at the Monastery. We are grateful for our neighbors and partners in ministry!

PAX Intentional Catholic Community

The PAX community is a long time supporter of FMS, through volunteer and financial support.

PAX (Pilgrims After Christ) is a Catholic, Christian inclusive community committed to planning and celebrating meaningful liturgies, developing community, and responding to the needs of the world in justice- as those needs are revealed to the community through liturgy and communal dialogue.

NOVA Catholic Community

NOVA is a spirit-filled, Eucharist-centered, progressive Catholic community worshiping weekly in Arlington, VA. Members include residents from all over the Greater Washington, DC area and others from around the globe who have moved away, but still stay connected to the community. Members of NOVA are builders of peace, social justice, love for one another, and the Christian faith. Their commitment is to live a faith-filled life, enriched by the Eucharist, enlivened by friendship, and deepened by service to others, while maintaining a deep respect for each individual’s personal faith journey.

St. Camillus Church

St. Camillus is a local Franciscan Church that FMS considers its home parish. Each fall a new group of missioners is welcomed by the parish and the hosts the Commissioning Ceremony. Many of our missioners attend St. Camillus while in formation, while some of our Returned MIssioners are now members.

Centered in the Eucharist and guided by the Holy Spirit, St. Camillus is a multicultural community composed of people from more than 100 countries that strive to proclaim the Gospel in their immediate neighborhoods and beyond. With their patron, St. Camillus, they are drawn to be healers in the world, reaching out to the wounded and neglected of society. Inspired by the message of St. Francis, whose Franciscan friars have staffed the parish since 1984, the St. Camillus community seeks solidarity with those who inhabit the margins of the world, especially the poor.

Caldwell Chapel Community

Members of the Caldwell Chapel Community and the Community as a whole have provided FMS with much support - through their prayers, financial gifts, and personal involvement.

The Caldwell Chapel Community is committed to the Word of God and the proclamation of God's justice within the local church and the wider community. As a university-based community, the Caldwell Community treasures learning and the pursuit of holy wisdom in their studies, lives, and prayers. The Community celebrates Sunday Mass together in the Caldwell Chapel on the Catholic University campus.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Church

FMS is a member of Franciscan Federation.  Franciscan Federation is a Catholic educational organization committed to its membership in the Franciscan Third Order Regular charism, as well as the implication for this charism as it is lived out in the world. They offer educational opportunities to their members.

Our Lady Queen of Peace parish supports FMS in our mission of presence and solidarity with poor communities. Fr. Joseph Nangle, OFM, a previous Executive Director of FMS, now serves as the Director of Latino Ministries at OLQP, but still devotes much of his time and energy towards FMS by serving as Secretary and Treasurer of the FMS Board of Directors and is involved with the lay mission program by leading sessions during formation and saying Mass for the missioners.

With origins as a Black parish, Our Lady Queen of Peace is now home to a multi-ethnic congregation in northern Virginia that strives to be a caring, sharing, and loving family by promoting racial harmony and social justice. While their primary focus is within the immediate community, they also work to provide for the well-being of the downtrodden everywhere.

Holy Name College

St. Aloysius

St. Aloysius has been a long time financial supporter of FMS.

St. Aloysius, a Roman Catholic faith community founded in 1859, celebrates spiritual unity and cultural diversity, upholding the Franciscan values rooted in faith and social justice.  The church continues to carry out Jesuit Fr. Horace McKenna's vision in seeing Christ in every person and in striving to help the poor and homeless to live health and meaningful lives.

OFM Franciscan Provinces

Franciscans of the Holy Name Province (New York)

Holy Name Province was the founder of FMS and is one of our most significant financial supporters and partners in mission.

Holy Name Province is an evangelical and missionary fraternity called to minister in the Eastern United States and abroad. Rooted in the Catholic and Franciscan traditions, the friars are disciples of Christ who seek to bring the Gospel into the everyday experience of all people through Franciscan witness, popular preaching, teaching, and pastoral leadership. HNP fosters Christian discipleship by collaborating with those whom they serve and by standing in solidarity with all people, especially the alienated, the immigrant, and the poor.

Franciscans of St. John the Baptist Province (Cincinnati)

The Friars of the Cincinnati Province are long time financial and prayer supporters of lay missioners through FMS.

Living and proclaiming the Gospel is the professed goal of this OFM Province. The mission of these friars is described in the following statement, "We do so as brothers to each other and to the world, living with and for the poor, promoting justice, peace and the care of creation, working with all women and men of good will and inviting them to share our Franciscan spirit. Facing our future with hope, we echo Francis of Assisi who said, 'Let us begin again.'"

Franciscans of Sacred Heart Province (St. Louis)

Brother Joe Rogenski, OFM, a member of the Sacred Heart Province, is an FMS Board Member. The Sacred Heart Province is a faithful support of lay missioners through FMS.

A common phrase echoed by the Sacred Heart friars is, "Go rebuild with peace, with faith, with community."

Franciscans of the Assumption BVM Province (Wisconsin)

The approximately 150 Franciscan Friars who make up the Assumption Province today belong to the Order of Friars Minor and offer the witness of brothers living fraternally as they proclaim the love of God to the world. The Franciscan Friars of the Assumption Province serve the People of God in Catholic parishes, schools, hospitals, shelters for the homeless, in the military—wherever people need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and to experience God in their lives.

Franciscans of the Santa Barbara Province (California)

Together with the whole Franciscan family, the Franciscan Friars of the Santa Barbara Province are challenged to adapt to a rapidly changing church and world while remaining true to the spirit of their founder, St. Francis. Like his original followers, Franciscans today are called to be persons of prayer involved in a variety of ministries. The charism of these friars is not to any specific task in the Church; rather, they strive to be brothers amongst themselves, to all people, and to all of God's creation.

Conventual Franciscan Friars of the Province of Our Lady of Consolation, Inc. (Indiana)

A current Board Member of FMS, Fr. Martin Day, OFM Conv., is a friar of the Conventual Franciscans that currently serves as Formation Director in Washington, DC.

Although primarily rooted in the Midwest, the friars of Our Lady of Consolation serve from coast to coast, as well as in foreign missions. The Conventual branch of the Franciscan family banded together in concentrated communities, hence the title Conventual, as derived from the Latin word convenire, meaing “to come together.” The Conventual charism focuses on the Gospel Life embraced by St. Francis of Assisi through a dedication to prayer life, fidelity to the Church, commitment to common life, flexibility in apostolic endeavors, as well as pioneering academic development in both the sacred and secular sciences.

Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception Province (New York)

The 200 plus friars of the Province of the Immaculate Conception minister to God's people throughout the Eastern part of the United States; Toronto, Canada; and in Central America. They strive to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, following the example of St. Francis of Assisi, as they serve in a variety of ministries from parish life to urban ministry, retreat work to missionary work, and other places in which God calls them.

Franciscans of the Province of the Immaculate Conception (England)

The Franiscan Brothers of the Province of the Imamculate Conception fashion their lives as St. Francis did, bringing the message of the Gospel to those who most need help. They are sustained by their foundations of life in community, prayer, and celebration of the Eucharist. Reflecting on their ministry, they state "In the very celebration of our life and work we witness to a new way of living and sharing our priorities".

Franciscans of Our Lady of Guadalupe Province (New Mexico)

The Our Lady of Guadalupe Province is a long time supporter of Franciscan Mission Service.  Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM, has been a guest speaker and visitor at Franciscan Mission Service.  Most recently, he gave an address and retreat in honor of our 20th Anniversary Event.

The Our Lady of Guadalupe Province follows the Franciscan tradition of spreading the Word and serving the poor and marginalized.  They live with and empower those they serve fostering an environment of learning.  The friars, working in collaboration with lay ministers, have primarily worked alongside the Navajo and Pueblo Indian and Hispanic communities in New Mexico and Arizona.  In 1987, Franciscan Friar, Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM, along with many lay community members, established The Center for Action and Contemplation.

Franciscans of the Province of Christ the King (Alberta, Canada)

The Franciscans of the Province of Christ the King promote the vision of St. Francis in living the Gospel simply and humbly and acting as a brother to all.  Their mission rests in accordance with the "ministry of presence" which begins with prayer and remains a steadfast value in all their other ministries.  Their friaries are located throughout Canada in Lumsden, Victoria, and Cochrane, but also in Moquequa, Peru.

Franciscan Province of Ireland

Many of our past and current missioners have served at the St. Francis Care Centre in South Africa, an AIDS Hospice and Orphanage, founded by Fr. Stan Brennan, OFM.

The Franciscan Province of Ireland focuses on carrying out Franciscan Spirituality through justice, peace, and the integrity of caring (JPIC).  They work to bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth by building relationships and showing others that they are valued and cherished.  The St. Francis Care Centre in South Africa was established by the province to provide a sanctuary for the neglected and ostracized individuals suffering from HIV/AIDS,

Franciscans of the Province of St. Joseph (Quebec, Canada)

St. Stephen of Hungary Franciscan Friary

The Friar of St. Stephen of Hungary seeks to foster the dignity of each individual, both citizen and immigrant, encouraging a trustful, affirming community through Eucharistic prayer and the Gospel.  Their main programs include providing Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon meetings, support for individuals with HIV/AIDS, and services for individuals with disabilities.  They serve one another with joy and seek to respect creation and build ecological awareness.

SFO, Secular Franciscans

National Fraternity of the Secular Francsican Order- USA

FMS Board Member Deacon Tom Bello, OSF, presently serves as National Vice Minister of the Secular Franciscan Order in the United States.

The Secular Franciscan Order, formerly known as the Third Order of St. Francis, is an official Order within the Catholic Church, and was established by St. Francis of Assisi early in the thirteenth century. Members do not live in community, but live their everyday lives in the world; however, members gather together in fraternity on a regular basis. The brothers and sisters in these fraternities, led by the Spirit, strive for perfect charity in their own secular state.

St. Margaret of Cortona Region

This Secular Franciscan Order supports FMS through financial contributions.

St. Margaret of Cortona (SMC), SFO, serves the poor and abandoned with a ready and willing spirit.  Their region covers the District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and portions of West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  In the words of the SMC Regional Minister, Mary Thuman, SFO, "By God's grace and our openness to the Holy Spirit, we will find our lives to be catalyst for peace, for forgiveness, for understanding in our families, in our workplaces, and in our fraternities."

St. Anthony Shrine

The SFOs at the St. Anthony Shrine strives to uphold the interrelation between the Gospel and life.  They promote unity among their community through monthly liturgical prayer, Franciscan Spirituality and reflection, and social interaction.

St. Francis Cabrini Fraternity

St. Anthony of Nagasaki Fraternity

The order supports FMS financially and through their prayers.  In addition, they meet monthly at the FMS headquarters (Casa San Salvador) for fraternity meetings.

The St. Anthony of Nagasaki Fraternity stands with and brings justice and healing to the poor, the alienated and suffering.  They are a secular order committed to being in the world and helping others, bringing Franciscan values to all aspects of their lives.  They act as caretakers of the earth and serve others in their struggles, healing, and growth.

San Damiano Fraternity

The San Damiano Fraternity, SFO, has contributed financially to FMS.

The San Damiano Fraternity aims to support and increase the leadership among lay members of the Church.  One of their main ministries is spiritual and educational formation of Roman Catholic adults through RCIA and regional retreats.

OSF, Franciscans of the Third Order, Regular

The Hospital Sisters of St. Francis of Springfield, IL

The Hospital Sisters are women who have dedicated their lives to and for the love of Christ Jesus, and to their brothers and sisters in Christ. Public vows made to God, through the church and community, are the manifestation of a life of simplicity and service to the sick and poor. Commitment to this life is the expression of the Franciscan spirit.

Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, OH

Sr. Carolyn Giera, OSF, a member of the Sylvania Franciscan order, was a previous Co-director of FMS and recently helped run the re-entry retreat for FMS missioners of Classes XXIII and XXIV. She currently serves as Transitions Coordinator for the Sylvania Franciscans.

"Women of Peace. Seekers of Justice." The order of Sylvania Franciscan Sisters formed as a branch of the Franciscan Sisters of Rochester, Minnesota. The Sylania Franciscans commit themselves to works that reverence human dignity, embrace the poor and marginalized, and respect the gift of creation. They also founded Lourdes College, a Franciscan college, in Sylvania, OH.

Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of Paterson, NJ

Sr. Barbara Fried, SMIC, a member of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, was part of the founding team of FMS. Sr. Barbara served as an integral member of the FMS staff for 17 years, aiding in programming, spiritual direction, and overall growth of the organization. 

The Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception are an international Franciscan congregation serving in seven countries. Their passion for mission is rooted in Christ and like Francis and Clare, they are impelled by the Holy Spirit to see God in the world and to make God visible to all. 

Sisters of St. Francis of Oldenburg, IN

Current FMS Board Member, Sr. Marian Boberschmidt, OSF, serves as the Director of the Nia Kuumba House of Discernment for African and African-American women in St. Louis, MO. Nia Kuumba is a ministry of the Oldenburg Franciscans that supports women as they study, pray, and further develop their spirituality and faith journeys.

The Oldenburg Franciscans are women of prayer, committed to the Gospel values as lived by St. Francis and Mother Theresa. Through life in community, the sisters are sent to extend the mission of Jesus through their presence and service. Enlivened by a spirit of justice, reconciliation, and peace, they collaborate with others in responding to the needs of the world.

Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, NY

The Franciscan Sisters of Allegany seek to live the Gospel by being instruments of peace, reconciliation, and non-violence in their Congregation, Church, and the world. They witness to God’s love in the Franciscan tradition by living as sisters to all of creation and by joyfully serving others, especially those who are poor or marginalized.

Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph

Franciscan Sisters of Mary

Franciscan Advocacy Groups

Franciscans International

Franciscans International works at the UN and with international organizations to influence decision makers on behalf of the most vulnerable. The following vision statement drives the work of Franciscans International, "We are men and women who are committed to the ideals of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi. As St. Francis once addressed the social leaders of his time with the challenge of peace, so today we are called to engage policy makers and world leaders at the United Nations for the work of justice, peace, the care of creation, and the promotion of human rights."

Franciscan Action Network

The Franciscan Action Network is a network of U.S.-based ministries, institutions, and persons following the spiritual and social movement begun by St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi more than 800 years ago. The network seeks to amplify their public voice and use their collective power to humbly advocate and act for inclusive and transformed social policy and social structures arising out of the U.S. Federal Government and related Washington, DC-based institutions. Through their work, the Franciscan Action Network hopes help build a society rooted in social justice, peace and care for all of creation.

African Faith & Justice Network

Latin America Working Group

PAX Christi


Sacred Heart

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St. Rose of Lima

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