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Basic Qualifications

The call to mission is both a privilege and a responsibility rooted in our baptismal vows and nurtured by the Holy Spirit. We look for certain qualities and skills in selecting candidates such as:

1. Lay persons of faith in the Catholic tradition with the capacity and dedication to deepen their relationship with God. Applicants must also express a call to mission and a willingness to incorporate Franciscan values into their mission experience.

2. Individuals must be able to give a minimum of two years of service overseas.

3. Single, married, or divorced -- generally between the ages of 22 and 62 (without dependents).

4. Prior cross-cultural experience and/or a second language are valuable, though not absolutely required.

5. A willingness to serve in various ministries according to a person’s interests and expertise. Past missioners have worked in a wide range of ministries such as: healthcare, teaching, pastoral ministry, social work, community development, small Christian community animation, and agriculture. We offer a variety of opportunities for persons with diverse sets of skills.

6. A resident of the United States or Canada.

Read our brochure for more detailed information on the lay mission program.

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